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Boutique , from the French word for "shop," is a small shopping outlet, especially one that specialises in elite and fashionable items such as clothes and jewelry. It can also to a specialized firm such as a boutique investment bank or boutique law firm . The word is often used to describe a property in the independent section of the hotel market (such as The Rockwell in London) in order to distinguish themselves from larger chains (such as Hilton Group). In such cases the idea is that the operation is elite and highly specialized.

In the strictest sense of the word, boutiques would be one-of-a-kind but more generally speaking, some chains can be referred to as boutiques if they specialize in particularly sexy stylish offerings


Today, owning a boutique is probably one of the easiest moves to become a part of the lucrative growing fashion industry. Both online and offline boutiques are popping up everyday. Even though only a select few grow into large fashion retail stores like Nordstrom, most successful boutique owners earn decent income to lead a fulfilling lifestyle.

Open Your Own Boutique How to Start a Women's Clothing Store
Men's Wear Store, Bridal Boutique or Children's Clothing Store

Do you love clothes and shopping ? You may already spend a lot of time in boutiques, but nothing compares to the fun and financial rewards of having your own boutique. As a boutique owner, you choose the products and you set the prices, and then open your doors to customers eager to snap up your latest selections and show them off to all their friends.

Boutique owners are insiders to fashion trends long before the general public. You will have an opportunity to use your creativity every day, from creating window displays to putting together a knock-out ensemble for customers who value your expert advice .

Retail fashion is a solid business , with constant demand for new clothing products created by fashion designers and the ever-changing whims of celebrities. And boutiques are chic - people value the personalized service and attention they receive, the cozy ambiance, and the unique merchandize that only a boutique can offer.